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5 Lb. Piranha, Suffer For Your Art

Thawind Mills of 5 Lb. Piranha writes songs with heavy metal and punk elements reminiscent of Metallica and with lyrics that can be likened to Tenacious D in this 2013 album, Suffer For Your Art (2013).

Lela Caldwell is L3LA

Lela Caldwell, front woman and songwriter, brings us her self-produced album that mixes electronic beats and rock music topped with angsty vocals in L3LA (2014).

Tamika Handy, Universe

Following her debut album, Open Diary (2011), Tamika Handy gives us another set of soulful songs on Universe (2014) with guitar, cello, vocals, and percussion, each having an engaging message.

The Flying Buttresses, We Are Strange

The story of The Flying Buttresses began in a smaller project known as Jillian and the Whole World (2010), where Jillian Gomez would pound relentlessly on her piano and sing dark monologues of lost love and frustration.

Danny Brymer, Twist Resolution

Jazz fusion certainly is a genre that has passion, concentration, and intelligence, of which Danny Brymer perfectly executes in his solo debut album, Twist Resolution (2012).

Chasca, Bedtime for Bedlamites

To even begin describing the stimulating sounds of Chasca, Bedtime for Bedlamites, I would have to first advise the listener to prepare for an all-encompassing and theatrical experience.

House of Never

Upon hearing House of Never live at The Parish on October 30, 2013, I immediately recognized a band with power, progressive qualities, authenticity, and accessibility.

Ghosts of Dixie, Baron la Croix

Ghosts of Dixie bring an intensity to their debut album, Baron la Croix, that is also reflected in their live performances. Upon attending the CD Release Party on Friday, October 11, 2013, I had the pleasure of seeing this album brought to life.